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You have Sir Ringo what?

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll often read tweets about my pain. What pain, you ask? How bad is it? Will it get better?  I have a condition called syringomyelia (sear-in-go-my-eel-ee-a). Cysts filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) formed in the centre of my spinal cord, hollowing out the cord and compressing/damaging the spinal cord and nerves in that area. This type of cyst is called a syrinx (sear-inks). Normally, your spinal cord is solid except for a very narrow channel that runs the length of its centre (the central canal). Imagine sticking a fine needle down the centre of a hot dog. That's normal. With syringomyelia, CSF builds up in the central canal as if you've injected a bubble of water into the hot dog and it gets trapped in there. Now imagine that hot dog is surrounded by a rock-solid bun (the vertebrae). As the pressure from the water bubble builds up and the bubble keeps growing, the "tissue" of the hot dog gets squeezed tighter and tighter aga

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